GB WhatsApp Old Version is an altered rendition of the original WhatsApp software, tailored to offer customers more functionalities and choices. Many individuals continue to use the older version of GB WhatsApp even though the developers no longer support it.

Features like sending huge files, customizing chat panels, and hiding your online status are all included in the previous version of GB WhatsApp. Since the original WhatsApp app lacks these features, many users find GB WhatsApp to be an appealing substitute.

Gb Whatsapp Old Version APK

GB Whatsapp Old Version APK Download is another popular WhatsApp MOD application. Details about its prior incarnations are given below. You can download the GB WhatsApp old version APK here to use it on your mobile device.

A popular modified version of WhatsApp called “GB WhatsApp” offers some features absent from the official software. The software is accessible in different versions, one of which is the antiquated APK edition which is still widely used. This post will go over the features, benefits, and installation guidelines of the GB WhatsApp’s old version APK.

GBWhatsApp Old Version Download Information

App NameGBWhatsApp Old Version
Size53 MB | 28 MB | 56 MB | 60 MB | 31 MB
Old Versionsv17.25 | v17.30 | v17.35 | v17.52 | v17.55
Android SupportedAndroid 4.3 and above
Root RequirementNo Root Required
Total Downloads95,000,000+
Last Update18 hours ago
FeaturesPremium Features

Features of Gb Whatsapp Apk Old Version


There are four GB Whatsapp areas on the site, including conversations, groups, status updates, and calls. The entire top section is occupied by the Whatsapp logo, flight mode, dark/light mode, browse button, and three lines.

WhatsApp flight is the same as a phone flight in that only your GB Whatsapp is going to be in flight mode once you turn it on. 

The dual-mode dark/light option offers two different settings. There are two modes: one is dark, and the other is light. Additionally, you can find anything on your GB Whatsapp by using the search option.

Additionally, the three lines contain many great alternatives, like Starred Messages, New Broadcast, Message a Number, and many more.

Send a Message to Any Number: This feature allows you to call or send a message to any number, whether it is saved in your contact list.

Just select the message a number choice by clicking on the three lines. Enter any number now, then choose to call or send a message.

Privacy & Security

Several useful features that set modified applications apart from the original Whatsapp can be found in this area.

  • There are two sections in the privacy and security section: privacy and security. Privacy carries Hide contacts, groups, broadcasts, calls, chats, custom broadcasts, and status options when not online.
  • You can conceal your last seen by using the hide online status feature. You can conceal the blue microphone, typing, recording, second tick, blue tick, and privacy contact, group, and broadcast settings.
  • You can select who may and cannot call you thanks to the call option. Additionally, anti-delete and deactivate forwarded messages are available in the conversations area. A blue tick has also been displayed in this section following the replay option.
  • You can send messages again without the forwarded label by using the deactivate forwarded option. Furthermore, messages cannot be deleted for you by others thanks to the Anti-delete messages feature.
  • Furthermore, the option to “show blue tick after reply” adds a blue tick to the message following your reply to the recipient.
  • The status section, which includes an anti-delete status feature and a concealed view, is the next. Anti-delete indicates the deletion status and hide view status is used to conceal our view from other people’s statuses.
  • If you lose your GB Whatsapp password, you have three other lock options in addition to the recovery question option.

GB Themes

The GB theme store offers an enormous selection of themes. Any theme can be selected and applied to your GB Whatsapp.

I used one of those themes, as the screenshot shows, and the GB theme store has a big selection.

If you would like additional themes for your Whatsapp, you may also download and reset the look in your GB Whatsapp.

However, I think there are enough themes in the GB shop to give GB Whatsapp a gorgeous appearance.

Customize Layout

You can make changes to two different kinds of screens. A chat screen is the second screen, and a home screen is the first.

Customizing the home screen should come first.

  • You can alter the homepage’s overall design by selecting from a plethora of options on the main screen, including the header, rows, hovering activity button, and status.
  • The homepage UI style, tales’ style, choose tab underlining, tab background information, unopened message table, unopened clock text color, and many other elements can all be altered on the Header.
  • The rows provide numerous settings, including home style, swiping row text color, mention indicator color, contact name color, online dot color, and last seen and online contact color.
  • The floating action button has an extensive color selection list. It also offers additional button customization choices. The status area offers a plethora of adjustable settings, including numerous color selections.
  • Now let’s discuss the choices for customizing the discussion screen. Action bar, bubble and ticks, picture, discussion entry style, and additional possibilities are the five different styles of sections.
  • You can alter the color and conceal the call button, contact name, and profile image of a contact by utilizing the action bar. In addition, it offers numerous more choices, such as the ability to enable or disable contact status and alter the backdrop color of the status.
  • Ticks style, bubble style, message text size, and additional options to alter the color of items falling under the Bubble and Ticks category are all included in the Bubble and Ticks option.
  • The chat contact picture, chat my photo, participant pic, chat my pic group, inside chat pic size, and image placement feature are all located in the Pics area.
  • There are 23 variations available for the discussion entry style, along with a list of options to alter the color of any element on the chat bar. There are plenty of additional customizable settings available for personalizing the chat screen.

Best Features

  • The modded WhatsApp is superior to the original version because of these features that are exclusive to them.
  • Any contact messages and deletion history are visible to you, and you can download their status information.
  • Additionally, you can download their phone’s profile picture. Furthermore, a pop-up window displaying the online users’ names and statuses is shown at the top of the chat window.
  • Moreover, you can send or upload high-quality gifs, photos, and videos. WhatsApp’s best-modded feature is the ability to hide media and chat.

Advantages of using GB Old Version APK WhatsApp

Using the GB WhatsApp Old Version APK has the following advantages:

Additional features

The GB WhatsApp Old Version APK offers users additional choices and freedom. It offers several capabilities not seen in the official WhatsApp client.

Customization Option

Personalization and enjoyment can be enhanced. It is done by allowing users to personalize their chat windows within the app.

Increased Privacy

The GB WhatsApp Old Version APK has privacy settings that are absent from the official program. These settings make it simpler for users to keep their information private when using the service.

Huge File Transfer

You may send films, music, and other huge files with this software by allowing users to send large files.

Anti-ban Feature

The GB WhatsApp Old Version APK has an anti-ban feature. And that lets users use the app without worrying about WhatsApp banning them.

Download & Install Old Version GB WhatsApp

Use these instructions to download and install the GB WhatsApp Old Version APK:

  • On your Android device, you must first allow the setup of applications from unknown sources. Go to Options > Security > Unknown Sources and turn it on to accomplish this.
  • Next, get the APK for the GBWhatsApp Old Version from a reliable source.
  • Click the APK file and select “Install” after the download is finished.
  • Hold off until the installation is finished. After it’s finished, you can launch the application and begin using it.

How Do I Update My Old GB WhatsApp?

After a while, each application needs to be updated to stay safe and secure. The developer of apps such as GB WhatsApp offers updates. With enhanced security and functionality every two or three months.

It is possible to update older versions to the most recent version; as this version is more robust than the older one, you should do so right away. Update the previous version of WhatsApp GB:

  • Go into your previous GB WhatsApp app.
  • To access the GB settings, click the three dots located in the upper right corner.
  • There’ll be an update option; select it.
  • Look for updates to see the next release.
  • To upgrade, select Update from the Web.
  • After being redirected to your browser, download, and install the upcoming version of the app.


Is there no advertising on this app?

Yes, using GB WhatsApp will provide you with an ad-free experience.

Is installing an older version of GB WhatsApp a smart idea?

No, it is never a good idea to download the out-of-date version when the most recent one is easily available. Download and install the latest version of GB WhatsApp at all times to protect yourself from security and ban issues.

Is it safe to use GB WhatsApp?

Our first concern is keeping you safe! GB WhatsApp is a thoughtfully altered version of the official WhatsApp that makes use of the same servers. We’ve taken several safety measures.  Namely encrypting the code and providing an official anti-ban version, to guarantee a safe messaging experience.


We try to cover every feature available on GB WhatsApp new and older versions. You should be aware, nevertheless, that GBWhatsapp offers an extensive feature set. Thus, we provide some detailed information and write about the primary feature of GB Whatsapp.

I hope that this information regarding GB Whatsapp is sufficient for any user. However, you can ask us in the comment area if you have any queries or suggestions. We are glad to assist you.